Podcasting and Broadcasting Lessons

26239745_1998472830414272_2422965049930079145_nI am a professional podcaster and broadcaster who has helped many students setup and air their own podcasts and terrestrial radio shows. From my studio in Lincoln, I teach students how to develop their technical skills and on air personalities. My lessons are designed around what my students want to learn. Sessions are a value to all ages and skill levels. I do air my student’s shows on BTRN’s streaming channels and podcast channels once they reach the appropriate skill level. Broadcasting on local terrestrial radio as a host or co-host is always a possibility for students whose skills have developed enough to be considered. At that point I will mentor them on the business of radio including copywriting for advertising, media brokerage and social media marketing.

I am available Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

$25 for one 30 minutes lesson
$50 for one 1 hour lesson
$90 for four 30 minute lessons
$175 for four 1 hour lessons